Monday, April 18, 2011

Support another unicorn fan, charity begins at home

Here's an interview with the notorious Jez Kemp who likes to write and make music and who is also shaving off his hair for Shave for a Cure. You can donate monies to the Leukemia Blood Foundation and help Jez meet his fund raising target here.

1) Sooooo... I hear you're going to shave all your hair off?

Yes! I’ve done it before but it was years ago, so I’m a bit nervous.

2) What's the craziest hair you've ever had?

Either black with red tips (I was 16, going for a Darth Maul look), or very long, spiky and blue. I remember doing life modelling at university and seeing scratchy charcoal drawings with a mass of blue scribble. Great fun.

3) I heard you're awesome, and also from Wellington. What makes your city so great?

Well, I wouldn’t call it my city … but Wellington’s great because it’s small, cosmopolitan, comfortable, relaxed, arty, creative, and occasionally sunny. Oh and it’s in New Zealand!

4) Any crazy stories you want to tell from 2011?

We’ve only had 3 months! Um, I released another single? That was fun, it was a good party. I dyed my hair red (the dye is still there now, although fading), we had 4 amazing acts play, balloons, cake & lollies (literally too much to eat), lots of rock and roll, and we even streamed it live on the internet. Good times.

5) Top three reasons we should sponsor you for Shave for a Cure?

A) Cancer is rubbish. I don’t have many personal experiences with cancer, but my granddad died from lung cancer when I was 9, and my mum has always said I would have got on great with him. So I feel like that’s a link to my family and the 20th century that I had taken away from me. It's true that cancer is a well-funded cause, but that’s because it’s one of the biggest killers, and it takes lots more money than government can throw at it to fund treatments and help people. So donate some cash!

B) I haven’t shaved my head in years and it’s the first time my New Zealand friends will get to see it. It’s going to be quite a sight – well worth donating just to see my red/orange hair come off!

C) Cancer is a shit that needs wiping up. See A.

6) Top five celebs you'd sleep with.
I don’t normally do celebs (in both senses sadly), but as it’s for charidee…

Natalie Portman – consistently very hot, even with a shaved head!

Angelina Jolie – she’s always been hot, but with white dreads = sextown.

Kate Beckinsale/Liv Tyler – they’re the same person right? If not, can I have both?

Johnny Depp – because what man isn’t a little bit gay for Johnny.

Gael Garcia Bernal – I’m not gay but he’s just awesome and a little bit pretty.

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  1. Kate Beckinsale and Liv Tyler are TOTALLY NOT THE SAME PERSON. They are both beautifully luscious, imo, though.

    Also, Angelina Jolie? Really???

    Good choice on the Johnny Depp and the Mr Bernal. Fight ya for them.